Flower Top

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Solutions to increase productivity for crops

Ingredient Content
B Boron 3200ppm
Mg Magnesium 170ppm
Mn Manganese 140ppm
Ca Calcium 70ppm
z Zinc 60ppm
Mo Molybdenum 55ppm
Additives are specific enough 100%


Crops Stage of use Amount
Paddy Use heart stage light: Helps strong stool distribution, providing the necessary nutrients to help the large, granular

Blossoming stage: helping the rice to grow faster, to concentrate, to reduce the diseases, to ripen in series, to reduce loss Stage of curved fruit – before harvest: help the leaves green, stand, increase photosynthesis, speed up create starch, light grain,

50 ml / 20-25 liters of water

Vegetable Spraying 5-7 times a day helps to increase productivity by 20-40%