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Canxi Bo

Rated 2.69 out of 5
Strengthening the fecal fertilizer, increasing the rate of fertilization, high fruit. Help the flower stems, limit flower loss, fall fruit, physiological fall. Help fruit grow faster, evenly, fruit beautiful, no skin bran, limited fruit crack, increased storage time for harvest. Products used in many crops: Fruit trees (mango, oranges, mandarin durian, longan, etc.), Vegetables (Ó't, melon, gourd, pumpkin, Sesame. (more…)

Flower Top

Rated 3.00 out of 5
Crops Stage of use Amount
Paddy Use heart stage light: Helps strong stool distribution, providing the necessary nutrients to help the large, granular Blossoming stage: helping the rice to grow faster, to concentrate, to reduce the diseases, to ripen in series, to reduce loss Stage of curved fruit - before harvest: help the leaves green, stand, increase photosynthesis, speed up create starch, light grain,

50 ml / 20-25 liters of water

Vegetable Spraying 5-7 times a day helps to increase productivity by 20-40%

Sica Top

Rated 2.56 out of 5
Paddy Spray 2-3 times (7-10 days) from the Incubation Period: Increase cell wall thickness, harden the plant, thicken the leaves, shorten the fall, prevent fall and prevent disease. Plants rooted much, lower saline solution, detoxify organic.
Chili Non-maturing stage fruit ripening 7 days / lun: help beautiful ball, thick shell, anti-current cracking shell and chili pepper. Trees grow well against pathogens from unfavorable environments. 50 ml / 20-25 liters of water
Chives, chives Regularly spraying 7 days a week. It helps the plants to be firm, thick against leaves, weak leaves in the rainy season, limited fungal attack.
Fruit tree Prevents fruit cracking due to lack of nutrients and nutrients 500ml / 500 liters of water

Tree Top 99

Rated 3.24 out of 5
  • Provides optimum nutrition to the stages of thriving plants, which are responsible for the nutritional status
  • Helps to thrive rapidly, simultaneously, concentrates
  • Help the roots overcome the adverse conditions: alum poisoning, organic poisoning ...