Agricultural development is seen as a key issue, affecting the success of the socio-economic development process of many countries, especially Vietnam, where agriculture is based. Since the positive change in 1986, the value of agricultural production in Vietnam has been growing steadily, agricultural output has been increasing and balancing the economy.

Agriculture is the only sector with trade surplus, helping Vietnam to move to the world market with key commodities such as rice, coffee, cashew nuts, seafood. However, to promote the development of Vietnam’s agriculture in the context of international integration is a difficult problem. Besides the advantages of opportunities, many difficulties and challenges are set:

+ Competitive pressure on the domestic market;

+ Natural resources are no longer a prerequisite;

All make a clear difference between Vietnam agriculture and the world. In order to solve the problem, Vietnamese agricultural products need to increase two factors: productivity and quality.

IDA Global (IDA Global Import and Export Co., Ltd) is the bridge for Vietnamese farmers to access international agricultural therapies; Promote agricultural development in Vietnam in the integration period. IDA Global is proud to be the place to gather young knowledge – enthusiastic, together to aspire to raise the Vietnamese agricultural. With a vision to become a leading player in international cooperation, as a producer and distributor of high quality agricultural products, IDA Global is committed to promoting the integration of Vietnamese agriculture through By providing optimal solutions, improving the value of agricultural products.

“IDA Global – Upgrading Vietnamese Agriculture”